Five differences between cabinets decorated with amateur

Regular Size Stone Showroom Display Stand

Kitchen environment than the living room, the bedroom is poor, so much higher than ordinary demands of cabinet furniture . Cabinets and cupboards do what the professional difference?

First, the use of different materials
Homemade shelves and cabinets often using ordinary common hardware accessories, so you can make ordinary furniture of course , but for the production of cabinets, the kitchen would be difficult to resist moisture , high temperatures and corrosive materials erosion. And professional cabinet with high temperature , corrosion and moisture -resistant high-grade fire board , not easily deformed damaged, and easy to clean. Therefore, a professional manufacturers of cabinets relatively long life , spent a few years later , a different style door, the equivalent for a set of new cabinets.

Second, different processes
Do cupboard housing is generally carried out in the decoration , decoration carpentry cabinet making all kinds of demands deep understanding of its production process is inevitable rough ; while the cabinets are all professional manufacturers of industrial production , from cutting and polishing to install , there are stringent specifications , the product of course far ” from products ” excellent .

Third , removable, secondary use
A high-quality cabinetry life can reach more than 8 years , and can be any combination at any time according to the needs of the owner , adjustment and removal. Decoration of the vast majority of the cabinet manufacturing site , etc. directly connected directly to the nail on the wall , if there is a change , it can not handle .

Fourth, different functional design
In general, the best embodies the cabinet technology content , that is its function, design is reasonable. Homemade storage cabinets generally only basic functionality for taking items , and how to maximize the use of space , how to extend the life and many other aspects cabinets lack of consideration . And professional manufacturers of cabinets, consider the functional design quite detailed : sinks, stoves, range hoods are designed for embedded , nice ; drawer slides all the security , ease ; various functional use of accessories , you can to maximize use of space for easy access .

Fifth, environmental protection
The whole cabinet of national standards commonly used raw materials, secondary processing of the process will be used in accordance with the provisions of the paste approach. Professional Design : Professional cabinet designers from ergonomic point of view, many factors combine water, electricity, gas , etc. , combined with customer requirements, fully consider the situation . The live production , but because there is no professional training, less than optimal results. So many famous professional cabinet fully demonstrated the charm !



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